Have you ever shit in your underwear? If so what is it like and would you recommend trying it?

Yes, but for the purpose of taking that shit and JO with it and smeary it all over me and getting used to the smell and taste.

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I’ve added you… Make me horny. Let me see your shit or pee….

do you like the taste os scat what does it taste like?

The taste varies from dump to dump, person to person. What’s more important is the act of a man taking the time to shit on you and the reward to be allowed to lick his hole clean…..

Love to get to know you?!

Sure. Where do you live? Write to me about your likings…

Would you fuck me in sweats and then get both our steaming dumps all over them and then dump the rest of our filthy messes into each other's mouths?

Fuck! I’m already hard!

How do you find guys for scat sex? When I try to contact them they all disappear.

You’re right! It’s not easy. I place very specific posts about wanting to eat shit or taking piss

I lived in Rochester for 4 years. NYC now. Damn I wish I had know. You then.

Well, you never come back here?
Where in NYC do you live? What do you like?


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Who needs a toilet when you got a fag handy!

This is sooooo fucking hot! Wish it were me eating his shit




i’d def fuckin’ like that!!! i wanna be their fag 2!
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got a fuckin’ sweet hole for u, brad! call me fuckin’ dick pig! fuck ‘n breed me!
damn, i’m such a cock ‘n cum hungry fag!


These boys can lick some cock and clean some hot sack. Yum.

My kind of pig